Testimonials from clients

Life Coaching / Craniosacral Therapy for Dog


  • I rarely write testimonials, but felt moved to offer this one even though it was not requested. My coaching sessions with Dixie were incredibly helpful. So much was learned and resolved. I felt so comfortable working with Dixie. She was present, compassionate, and understanding, and I was able to be myself with her. As a professional in the field of Psychology, and someone who is always seeking to better myself, I am saddened to say that while there are very good therapists out there, it is rare to find a therapist who will truly listen. While not therapy, working with Dixie is deep and takes you to the core of the dilemma.Additionally, Dixie gave my beautiful dog a Cranial Sacral treatment that helped relieve tremendous pain. I am so grateful for all she has helped me and my pup with and would highly recommend Dixie to others (in fact I already have).With many blessings to this gifted healer.–Taalya Areli, Ph.D.,Temecula, California

Life Coaching — Pet Loss


  • Since our coaching session on Eddie's death, peace has replaced the heaviness of the guilt I have been feeling for the past four years over my decision to have the second surgery on his leg.Coming to the realization that he was a healthy 13 year old dog with a treatable condition, at that time, was a monumental aha! moment. I see clearly now that I made the right decision. And, I was so lucky to have found a vet who was brave and skilled enough to operate and restore Eddie's leg for the second time!The two surgeries on his leg prolonged his life more than seven years! In the seven years we had together a lot happened. I am so grateful that he was there to guide, love, protect and make me laugh. He was a happy old boy right up until his final days.I realized during the coaching session that Eddie had a great life. When it was his time to go we both knew it. I was okay to let him go because I loved him and could not stand to see him suffer. He died peacefully and with dignity in my arms at the ripe old age of 15 from a condition unrelated to his leg.There's no way I could've come to these realization without being coached by someone with your background who understands the complex, soulful connection people have with their animals and the challenges faced as caregivers when a beloved animal companion is sick or suffering.A heartfelt thank you from both me and Eddie. We are both at peace.Helen S., Toronto, Ontario

Energy Field Integration (after an animal’s death)



  • Thank you so much for taking the time and energy to do this integration for Mousey. I have not been able to find words to express my gratitude and awe for you and your support. I am sure she is benefitting from it greatly and myself also. On Thursday I did feel somehow healed of a large part of the anguish and since then I can slowly feel her presence in fluttery, loving and peaceful energy when I think of her. Many, many thanks and blessings to you!T.J., Marina del Rey, California

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