Distance healing for animals

Distance healing sessions for animals

Distance healing sessions allow Dixie to access the entire body, even if the animal is lying down

A kinder, gentler way of treating an animal

Distance healing for animals is recommended for a number of reasons.  It can be challenging for animals who are unwell, fearful, reactive to strangers, or who don’t like being touched to have someone they don’t know come to their home, wanting to touch them.  It may take several sessions before an animal is completely comfortable with someone they do not know touching them with intention, especially if they are in physical pain or discomfort.

It may also be challenging for an animal’s person to transport their animal for a treatment, especially if the animal is elderly, recovering from an injury, stressed by travel, or in the process of transitioning.

Receiving a treatment in the comfort of their own home without anyone physically touching them, at a time when they are settled, provides a kinder, gentler and stress-free treatment with maximum healing benefits for the animal.

Full-body access, even while the animal is sleeping

When animals relax into a treatment, they generally lie down.  Although it is helpful for an animal to relax during their treatment, when an animal lies down, it limits my ability to access all of their body.  Especially during a Craniosacral Therapy session, it’s important that I be able to work with all areas of an animal’s body in order to give the most effective treatment. With distance healing sessions, I have access to an animal’s entire body during the treatment.

Not only do distance healing sessions allow for a more relaxing and stress-free experience for the animal, but they also give the animal’s person peace of mind, knowing that they do not have to transport their animal and can schedule the session at a time when their animal is most likely to be comfortable and resting at home.

A less stressful experience for the animal and person
Distance Healing for animals

And are less stressful for the animal

In my experience, all animals benefit greatly from Distance Healing treatment. Distance healing sessions are especially effective for animals who are:

  • elderly or who have mobility or other health issues
  • nearing transition
  • preparing for or recovering from surgery
  • coping with behavioural issues (reactive, high-anxiety)
  • recovering from an injury
  • fearful
  • recovering from physical and/or emotional trauma
  • sensitive or reactive to being touched
  • distrustful of people
  • stressed by travel, unfamiliar people or unfamiliar situations

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