Energy Field Integrations for animals

A gentle way to clear shock, trauma, fear and stress — and support animals who are dying
Energy Field Integrations for dogs

Wycca (left) and Wella (right) have benefited from Energy Field Integrations

Energy Field Integrations (“Integrations”) are a kind and gentle way of clearing fear, anger, shock, trauma, stress, and other unhelpful physical and emotional blockages that my be affecting our animal’s health, behaviour and attitudes about themselves and the world around them. The type of field work I do is called The Way of the Heart™.

Using kinesiology and the universal language of numbers and geometry, Integrations locate the origins of dysfunction within the electromagnetic field and offer new information that permanently repatterns the field. This allows for greater physical and emotional health, peace, love, harmony and choice.

Gentle, loving support for animals who are dying
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Energy Field Integrations are a gentle and loving way to support animals who are dying

One of the primary ways I support animals who are dying is through Energy Field Integrations. There is a beauty and a grace to the way this field work supports an animal who is in the process of dying–as well as the animal’s person or caregiver.  

Integrations create a loving and supportive energetic container that holds the animal in safety and peace as the animal’s spirit prepares to leave its body.  When I’m giving a treatment to an animal who is dying, it feels to me that the animal is being gently held by an incredible energy of love and deep peace.  And I feel this loving, peaceful energy extending and flowing outward toward the animal’s people. While all of this is happening, the animal is noticeably more peaceful and calm.

Because we are so connected with our animals, when I work with an animal’s energy field, this healing energy is also available to the animal’s person through the energetic bond that they share with their animal. On many occasions, an animal’s person has told me that they felt the Energy Field Integrations made their own experience of their animal’s death kinder, gentler, easier and more beautiful.  And their animal had a peaceful and gentle death.

Recovering from trauma and injury

Energy Field Integrations were instrumental in helping me recover from two serious physical injuries several years ago.  The Integration sessions that I received not only helped me recover physically from the shock, trauma and pain of the injuries, but also helped me shift the resulting mental and emotional angst, depression and fear that I experienced as a result of the injuries.  Integrations do the same thing for animals who have been injured, who have experienced trauma, or who are preparing for or recovering from surgery.

When our animals experience a physical or emotional trauma, it is easy for them to go into a state of distrust, fear and anger.  They may no longer trust themselves or the world around them.  Integrations help to bring animals back to their centre, to that part of themselves that is more grounded and connected to a greater source of strength, purpose, wisdom and love.  

Gentle and effective for animals with health and movement issues

WilbertIn my work with animals, Energy Field Integrations have been incredibly helpful for clearing shock, trauma, panic, fear, and for unblocking muscles, systems and areas of the body.  This allows for better range of movement, mobility and steadiness on their feet.  Older animals and animals who are recovering from injuries, surgery or physical and/or emotional trauma benefit greatly from this work.

I have worked with older dogs who were having difficulty getting up from a lying down position or who had difficulty being steady on their feet because their hind ends were weak.  After receiving Integrations, there was a noticeable improvement in their gait.  They were steadier on their feet.  They had greater extension of their limbs and their movement was smoother and more grounded.

Animals who are preparing for or recovering from surgery also benefit from this type of field work.  One 14-year-old dog who received several Integration sessions prior to and after she underwent major surgery, recovered so beautifully from the procedure that she was released from the vet hospital the very next day.  The vet hospital staff were amazed (and a little puzzled) by how well and how quickly the dog recovered from surgery, especially because she was an older dog.

How will my animal benefit from Energy Field Integrations?

Energy Field Integrations are extremely beneficial for animals

Energy Field Integrations are extremely effective for animals who:

  • are elderly and/or who have difficulty moving, balancing or getting up from a sitting or lying position
  • are recovering from surgery or experiencing difficulties following a stroke or seizure
  • have behavioural issues caused by stress, anxiety, neglect, trauma and fear
  • have experienced trauma, shock and/or significant life changes (such as divorce in the home, the loss of an animal friend, being surrendered, recovering from an accident or injury, etc.)
  • have been rescued from an abusive or neglectful living situation
  • are being or have been re-homed
  • have been adopted from a shelter and have an unknown history 
  • are receiving end-of-life or palliative care
  • are dying (energetic support as an animal takes its last breath is a beautiful gift to both the animal and to the animal’s caregiver)
  • are in captivity and/or in a severely restricted living situation from which they cannot escape (such as captive whales, race horses)
The Power of Intention
My deepest wish

It is my deepest wish for all animals to benefit from this gentle, supportive, yet powerful, form of energetic balancing.  

I am especially passionate about offering this work to as many animals as possible who have been surrendered or rescued, who are recovering from abuse or neglect, who have suffered great loss, who are suffering physically, who are in the process of dying, or who are living in difficult and challenging situations with no hope for a better life (as with captive animals).

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