Sacred Transitions

Support for animals who are dying

Wella was supported with Energy Field Integrations before and during her death.

Letting go of the ones we love

One of the most difficult things we may ever have to do is say goodbye to a beloved animal friend.  Regardless of how much time we shared together, it never feels long enough.  We may be faced with making important and difficult decisions, sometimes without much warning or time for preparation.  This is especially true if our animal has an unexpected accident, a serious injury or is diagnosed with a serious illness for which there are no treatment options.

It is equally difficult for someone with an elderly animal to witness their animal’s slow decline.  Anyone who has cared for an aging animal knows what an exhausting, daunting and loving experience it is to support their animal as his/her physical, and sometimes mental, capacity diminishes. As the animal’s condition further declines, it becomes apparent at some point that the animal has begun the process toward their transition. This is a difficult, heart-breaking and deeply personal experience for the animal’s people as they prepare for the loss of their dear friend while also caring for their animal’s physical needs during this intense time of letting go.  

We understandably want our animals to be as comfortable as possible for as long as possible, whether a decision is made to allow the animal to die naturally or to assist the animal with euthanasia.  It is easy to feel overwhelmed, isolated and very much alone when we are walking this journey with our animals.

The weight of responsibility for making end-of-life decisions can feel daunting.  We worry about making the wrong decision, whether the timing is right, and whether our decision really is in our animal’s best interest.  We do not want our animals to suffer or to be in pain, but we also cannot bear the thought of being without them.

You are not alone 
Support for animals who are dying

There may be little time to prepare for an animal’s death

Many people feel utterly alone in their sorrow as they come to terms with the limited time their animal has left or with the sudden death of their animal friend.  I, too, felt helpless years ago about how to best support my beloved cat during her final weeks, days and hours.

If you are feeling helpless, full of despair and/or experiencing heart-breaking anguish and grief about the upcoming loss of an animal friend, know that you are not alone and that there are gentle treatments that will support your animal before and during his/her death.  It is equally important that you get the support you need during this difficult time so that you have the energy, strength and clarity to make important decisions that affect you and your animal.  

Support for animals who are dying

Providing energetic support to animals throughout their dying process is a beautiful way of easing the last weeks, days and hours of an animal’s life.  Not only does it bring the animal greater peace and calm, but this peace extends energetically to the animal’s caregiver, as well.  

Energy Field Integrations are one of the kindest, gentlest and most loving ways to support animals who are in the process of dying, as well as at the moment of their final breath. The energy of the Integration provides a loving and supportive energetic container that holds the animal in safety and peace as the animal prepares to leave its body.

Support for grieving animals

Wycca grieved the loss of her canine companion

Supporting friends who are left behind

When an animal or person dies, it is important to support the remaining animal family members as they grieve the loss of their friend and adjust to their new life situation. Animals who are left behind may look visibly sad, become more solitary, not want to play and generally not seem like themselves.  Their appetite and behaviour may change.

The energy dynamics within the household also change when an animal dies.  There is often a palpable feeling of emptiness or a void left by the animal who has died.  The roles of the remaining animals will need to shift to accommodate the new family dynamic.  Animals who used to be part of a pack may now be on their own and may feel lost, insecure and very much alone in their grief.

Especially when animals were bonded to each other, it can be extremely difficult for the animal who is left behind to adjust to life without their animal friend.  Helping to support an animal through their grief, and to ease the grief and loss they are experiencing, is extremely helpful in easing their emotional suffering and encouraging them to reengage with life in a new way.  One of the best ways to energetically support an animal who is grieving is through Energy Field Integrations.

Support for animal caregivers

How are YOU doing?  Supporting yourself through grief and loss

Coaching supportWhether you are preparing for the death of an animal or grieving the loss of an animal companion who has died — recently or years ago — it is important to receive loving and understanding support from someone who understands what you are going through.  

Especially when we are (or were) the primary caregiver for our animal companion, it can feel as though we are carrying the weight of the world on our shoulders.  We may feel utterly alone in our grief, fear and despair.  We may be physically and emotionally exhausted.  We may feel that there is no hope for a happy future without our beloved animal friend.  

Heal the heart / Quiet the mind / Find peace
Supporting yourself with heart-centred Life Coaching
  • Are you tormented by end-life decisions you made for your animal?  
  • Do you feel that you betrayed your animal?  
  • Are you living each day with guilt and regret because you euthanized your animal too soon?  Too late?  Not at all?
  • Do you feel you’ve lost the special, deep connection you had with your animal?
  • Is it too painful even to think about your animal friend who has died?
  • Are you preparing for the death of an animal friend who is elderly, terminally ill and/or dying and wondering how you will cope?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you are living in a state of perpetual torment and endless grief.  I know how you feel.  I have been through this myself with my own animals.  I want to assure you that you can find peace.  You can let go of the guilt and the regret.  You can release the doubts that haunt you and the judgements that plague you.  And you can renew your deep and loving connection with your dear animal companion.  Best of all, I can help you do this in a gentle, supportive and non-judgmental way through Life Coaching.

Healing treatments for additional support

Life coachingenergy treatments and flower essences are invaluable tools that I offer to support people who are preparing for or recovering from the death of an animal companion. They help you to release thoughts that may continue to torment you about any aspect of your animal’s passing.  They also help you navigate through the life changes brought about by your animal’s death or by other significant loss and grief so that you can move forward in your life with greater peace, joy, hope and purpose.

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  • Some creatures have the ability to fill spaces we never knew were empty.Jean-Luc Picard, Star Trek: The Next Generation

  • I know that all is well with you now and always.  It has to be, for you are in, and part of, the great Eternal Plan.J. Allen Boone

  • When animals enter our lives, we start on a journey filled with adventure, learning and love.  The animals reach deep into us and change us in ways that can hardly be described.  We grow in love. And upon their leaving, we are lost, devastated.  Over time, we explore the story and see the meaning, and stand in awe of these remarkable beings.  What an honor they give us when they walk a part of our lives with us.Barbara Janelle

  • Death is no more than an exhale.  There is a rhythm and a cycle to all of life.  Spirit becomes form becomes spirit.  And so it goes.  To grieve for the passing of the form is to miss the magnificence of the spirit, which is as fluid and ever-present as liquid light.Wise One, Royal Python

  • I will admit that the fog of death seems to have rolled in between us and to have separated us from one another.  But the important point is this:  it cannot get into my thinking and affections, where you have lived ever since I met you, or break the bond of love and understanding between us.  And that, old Pal, is why I know that all is well with you--and us.J. Allen Boone

  • Death comes to all of us.  It's the gentle one who awaits us at the end of our journey.  We release ourselves into its loving presence and awaken to the magnificence of our expansive selves.  Death is the gift of life.Wise One, Royal Python

  • In the midst of winter I finally learned that there is in me an invincible summer.Albert Camus

  • Love rests on no foundation.  It is an endless ocean, with no beginning or end.Rumi