Tellington TTouch for animals

Dixie doing TTouch with Jennifer

Tellington TTouch for Animals

Tellington TTouch (TTouch) is a gentle and respectful way to improve an animal’s health and behaviour through hands-on touch and movement. TTouch reduces fear and unwanted aggression, speeds healing and improves an animal’s overall health and well-being.

TTouch increases an animal’s body awareness, improves focus and encourages relaxation. It also has a calming and grounding effect, which reduces overall stress and supports the immune system.

Self-confidence and self-control are influenced by the way in which an animal moves and carries its body. An animal who is physically out of balance will tend to be more reactive and emotional than one who has a more balanced body. A combination of TTouch and Craniosacral Therapy is an effective way to release tensions and restrictions in an animal’s body which may be contributing to unwanted behaviour, health issues, poor posture and limited movement.

TTouch sessions are provided in person at the animal’s home.

Tellington TTouch Case Study

To read my case study about Jennifer’s transformation from an extremely fearful cat to a confident cat, click here.

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