Dolphin Energy HealingIn-person Dolphin Energy Healing Sessions

During an in-person Dolphin Energy Healing session, the client lies fully clothed on a massage table. As with Distance Healing sessions, we begin the session by discussing the client’s intention for the session.  The client may choose to share their intention or to keep it to themselves.  

Once an intention for the session has been set, I guide my client through a short visualization as a way of centring and connecting with the dolphins.

I then connect with Dolphin Consciousness. Once the dolphin energy is flowing, I gently place my hands on or above various parts of my client’s body or I may just sit next to my client while the dolphin energy is being transmitted.  A Dolphin Energy session lasts one hour, with the energy transmission lasting approximately 50 minutes.

Enjoying the dolphin energy from the comfort of home

Dolphin Energy sessions are also available as distance healing sessions. This means that you can receive the benefit of this gentle yet profound energy balancing from the comfort of your own home. Distance sessions are just as effective as in-person sessions and enable you to rest for as long as you wish after receiving the energy transmission.

Animals generally receive Dolphin Energy sessions as distance healing so that the session can be scheduled for a time when the animal is relaxed and comfortable.


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