What happens during a Dolphin Energy session?

Dolphin Energy Healing

Image by Divine Dolphin

Each Dolphin Energy session begins with a brief conversation about the client’s intention for the session.  An intention would include any area of your life that you would like the dolphins to assist you with during the session.  

Some clients choose to share their intention before we begin the energy transmission and others prefer not to share their intention.  Either choice is completely okay.  It is also completely okay not to have an intention for the session and to simply ask the dolphins to assist you with whatever is most needed at the time.

I will then take you through a brief guided visualization before beginning the dolphin energy transmission.  The only thing you need to do during the session is to be in a comfortable position for receiving the energy. That’s it. The dolphins do the rest. 

Connecting with Dolphin Consciousness

As the practitioner, during a Dolphin Energy session I connect with Dolphin Consciousness and serve as a channel for the healing frequencies of the dolphins to flow through me to my human or animal client. As I hold sacred space for healing and transformation occur, a bridge is created between Dolphin Consciousness and my client.

It is Dolphin Consciousness that works directly with the client in response to the client’s intention for the session. The energy received during a Dolphin Energy session is similar to what a person would receive while swimming physically with wild dolphins—and so much more.

Let the Dolphins come to you in the comfort of your home

Dolphin Energy sessions are available in-person or as a Distance Healing session.  Distance Healing sessions allow the person or animal to receive the dolphin energy transmission from the comfort of their own home while I transmit the dolphin energy from my office.  People often prefer to receive a distance session because it gives them the option to rest for as long as they wish after receiving the energy transmission without needing to travel.  

Sometimes the dolphins will choose to continue working with a person or animal after I have completed my portion of the energy transmission.  This is when it is especially helpful to be able to just relax and receive the energy for as long as it continues to flow.  Some people fall asleep during the energy transmission.  That’s okay.  Be assured that the dolphins will work with you, even if you are asleep. 

Some people feel energized after a Dolphin Energy session and others feel deeply relaxed and want to sleep.  It is different for each individual and may be different after each session.  It is important to honour what your body needs and to rest if that is what is needed.  Drinking plenty of water after a session is always a good idea.

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