Flower / Vibrational Essences

One of the flower essences I created is from this Azalea plant

Flower and Vibrational Essences

Flower and vibrational essences are a form of energetic balancing that restores physical, mental, emotional and spiritual balance through the energy and healing properties of flowers and plants.

I absolutely love flower and vibrational essences. I remember the very first essence that I took many, many years ago.  It was the “Beech” essence from The Bach Flower Remedies.

After I placed several drops of the essence under my tongue, I felt a warm blanket of energy wash through me from head to toe.  I felt cleansed and deeply touched by a energy that was non-judgmental and accepting.  Beech essence is for the quality of intolerance and it encourages greater empathy and unity.

This is what flower and other vibrational essences do. They help us shift from unhelpful mental, emotional or spiritual states to more positive ones.  

How do Flower and Vibrational Essences work?
Flower Essences

Every flower has a unique energetic signature

Every flower and plant has its own vibration or energetic signature, and its own healing properties. Essences capture the healing and balancing properties of a particular plant and allow those healing properties to be transferred to others.Flower and vibrational essences (“essences”) are non-aromatic, liquid solutions made from the flowers and blossoms of plants.

Essence solutions are usually taken orally, but may also be administered topically, in food (for animals) or spayed in the air (to change the energy of a room or space).

How are Flower Essences created?
Flower Essences

An essence being created — a flower in pure water, sitting in the sunshine

Flower essences are created by placing flower petals / blossoms into a glass bowl of pure water and then placing the bowl in direct sunlight for three to four hours.

Sunlight transfers the healing energy and properties of the flowers and blossoms into the water. The water acts as a carrier for the energy and healing properties of the flowers. Some essences are created by boiling leaves or parts of a plant in water for an hour.

When an essence is taken orally, the vibrational pattern of the flower/plant is introduced into the energetic system of the person or animal taking the essence. Through the principle of harmonic resonance, the vibration of the flower/plant is able to help restore and rebalance the physical, mental, emotional or spiritual state of the person taking the essence.

Bach Flower Remedies

The first flower essences were created in the 1930’s by Dr. Edward Bach, an English Physician, Bacteriologist, Homeopath and Researcher. Bach believed that a person’s emotions and state of mind play a vital role in maintaining health and recovering from illness. He identified 38 primary negative mental/emotional states and created a flower or plant essence to remedy each state. The set of The Bach Flower Remedies that he created are recognized and used by practitioners and lay people worldwide.

Inner Spirit Essences

Over the years, I have created some of my own flower and vibrational essences, Inner Spirit Essences, which I use in my private practice.

A customized flower essence solution for you
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