A custom flower essence solution for you

Custom flower essence solution

The “Mystery Essence” I created is from the flowers of this plant — Red Barrenwort.

I work with 12 different sets of flower and vibrational essences, including some essences that I created myself.  Each set of essences addresses a different physical or emotional aspect, or energetic state.  Some essences address physical issues and concerns.  Others address soul-level issues, or imbalances on a microbial level.  Together, a combination of essences creates a symphony of harmony that addresses the state of disharmony within the person or animal whom I am working with.

How do I know which remedies to choose?

While it can be helpful to choose a remedy based on how well its healing properties match a person or animal’s physical, mental, emotional or spiritual state, my preferred method of choosing remedies is through muscle testing (kinesiology).  

In all of the treatments that I provide, I work with the intelligence of the person or animal’s body, soul and energetic system.  When I muscle test for essences using kinesiology, I am able to directly access the inner wisdom and the body’s electrical system.  I am then clearly shown which essences will support a person or animal.

I find that tapping into the wisdom of the body and energy field of the client in this way produces a customized essence combination that is more exquisitely perfect for my client than I could ever have created through my rational mind.

The benefit of a customized essence solution

I create customized essence solutions that support a person or animal’s overall balance, or that specifically address a goal or a desired state of being. Each customized essence solution includes flower and vibrational essences that are specific to your needs or the needs of your animal.  Because I use muscle testing (kinesiology) to identify which essences would be most beneficial for a particular person or animal relative to the issue being addressed, the combination that is chosen is always extremely accurate and helpful in restoring balance and well-being on all levels.

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