Life Coaching — Pet Loss

Heal the heart / Quiet the mind / Find peace

How are YOU doing?  Supporting yourself through grief and loss

hands-compassion 22-22-51Whether you are preparing for the death of an animal or grieving the loss of an animal friend who has died — recently or years ago — it is important to receive caring support from someone who understands what you are going through. 

Especially when we are (or were) the primary caregiver for our animal companion, it can feel as though we are carrying the weight of the world on our shoulders.  We may feel utterly alone in our grief, fear and despair. There are many decisions to be made.  Or we may have made decisions that we now regret.  We may be physically and emotionally exhausted.  We may wonder how we will ever cope or feel happy again without our beloved animal friend.

Who can help us navigate the inner storm and make sense of it all?

Heart-centred Life Coaching — Ease the pain / find peace

If any of the following questions are true for you, Life Coaching can help to ease your pain and bring you peace.

  • Are you tormented by end-life decisions you made for your animal?
  • Do you feel that you betrayed your animal?
  • Are you living each day with guilt and regret because you euthanized your animal too soon?  Too late?  Not at all?
  • Do you feel you’ve lost the special, deep connection you had with your animal?
  • Is it too painful even to think about your animal friend who died?
  • Are you preparing for the loss of an animal friend who is elderly, terminally ill and/or dying and wondering how you will cope?
Life Coaching isn’t counselling

Life Coaching isn’t counselling.  As a heart-centered Life Coach, I help my clients uncover their thoughts, beliefs and judgements about their animal’s death, and about themselves, that are keeping them in a state of inner bondage, unforgiveness, shame and turmoil.  Using life coaching tools, I help my clients find the deeper truth and come to a place of greater peace and understanding.

We are often hardest on ourselves

So often we are hardest on ourselves.  We feel that we could or should have done something differently, even if the situation was beyond our control.  We keep replaying events over and over in our minds, thinking of things we should or shouldn’t have done or said.  This endless loop of inner turmoil is a form of self-imposed punishment and imprisonment.  It keeps us from finding peace, coming to a place of forgiveness, moving forward in life, and opening our hearts to another animal in need of a loving home.  Life coaching helps to shine a light on what is really troubling us beneath what we may be telling ourselves or others.  The deeper truth that we discover heals our heart, quiets our mind and brings peace.  

Healing treatments for additional support

Life coaching, energy treatments and flower essences are invaluable tools that I offer to support people who are preparing for or recovering from the death of an animal companion. They will help release thoughts that may torment you about any aspect of your animal’s death and allow for stronger overall balance and inner stability.  They also help you navigate through the life changes brought about by your animal’s death, or by other significant loss and grief, so that you can move forward in your life with greater peace, joy, hope and purpose.

Life coaching - stepsHow I Coach

One of the big differences between the way I coach and other types of coaching is that I don’t start by forging ahead and setting goals with a client. Together we look at my client’s thoughts and belief systems, and work to dissolve what is holding my client back.  This helps clients access their own inner motivation and inner wisdom. I believe that each person has the key to their own right life within them.  My job as a coach is to help my clients access and act on that information and on their inner wisdom, not offer advice about what I think they should do.

For me, Life Coaching offers a place of respite when it feels like my is world crashing and burning around me.  It gives me a safe landing pad where I can regroup, figure out what happened and then move forward from a new place of clarity. And, most of all, it helps me stay connected with my integrity and with my Essential Self — that part of me that gently, kindly, wisely, patiently and continually guides me toward my own North Star.

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  • Bringing grief and death out of the shadow is our spiritual responsibility, our sacred duty.  By so doing, we may be able to feel our desire for life once again and remember who we are, where we belong and what is sacred.Francis Weller

  • Where there is sorrow, there is holy ground.–Oscar Wilde

  • Sorrow is a sustained note in the song of being alive.  To be human is to know loss in its many forms.  This should not be seen as a depressing truth.  Acknowledging this reality enables us to find our way into the grace that lies hidden in sorrow.  We are most alive at the threshold between loss and revelation; every loss ultimately opens the way for a new encounter.Francis Weller

  • The heart that breaks open can contain the whole universe.Joanna Macy