Energy Field Integrations

A gentle way to clear shock, trauma, fear and stress — and to support your heart’s desires

Follow your heartEnergy Field Integrations (“Integrations”) are a kind and gentle way of clearing fear, anger, shock, trauma, stress, and other unhelpful emotional and physical blockages that are affecting our lives, our behaviour and our beliefs about ourselves and the world around us. The type of field work I do is called The Way of the Heart™.

Using kinesiology and the universal language of numbers and geometry, Integrations locate the origins of dysfunction within the electromagnetic field and offer new information that permanently repatterns the field. They transform limiting subconscious patterns and beliefs, creating a pathway to love, forgiveness, choice and the Authentic Self.

Recovering from trauma and injury

Painted Background 261This work has been instrumental in helping me to recover from two serious physical injuries that I experienced a few years ago.  The Integrations that I received not only helped me recover physically from the shock, trauma and pain of the injuries, but also helped me shift the resulting mental and emotional angst, depression and fear that I experienced as a result of the injuries.  

When something like this happens to us, it is easy for us to go into a state of distrust, fear and anger.  We may no longer trust ourselves or the world around us.  Integrations help to bring us back to our centre, to that part of us that is always connected to a greater source of strength, purpose, wisdom and love.

Similar to defragmenting a computer

Energy Field Integrations work similar to defragmenting the hard drive of a computer or scanning a computer for viruses–only the ‘computer’ is your energy field.

Integrations clear unwanted, outdated, faulty and unneeded ‘files’ or ‘programs’ that are creating havoc in our lives, and give us new information to work with.  By doing so, they create more space for us to bring in the qualities and experiences that we really want.  

As with computer viruses, we may be unaware of unhelpful subconscious beliefs running in the background of our lives until everything begins crashing all around us. All we know is that things in our life are not working out and the same scenarios keep playing out over and over again.  We may have deep-seated fears or anxieties that don’t go away, regardless of what we try; or our plans, hopes and dreams constantly get sabotaged.  

Once the faulty program is identified and cleared, life begins to get lighter, easier and our goals become more attainable.  By clearing deeply held subconscious beliefs, patterns, fears and genetic line programming about who we are, the world around us, and what we can accomplish, Integrations help people meet the challenges in their lives with increased confidence, trust and ease.

The Power of Intention
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  • Let yourself be silently drawn by the strange pull of what you really love.  It will not lead you astray.Rumi

  • What you seek is seeking you.Rumi

  • Yesterday I was clever so I wanted to change the world.  Today I am wise so I am changing myself.Rumi