Distance Healing Sessions

Distance Healing Sessions

Distance Healing is gentle and effective for animals

I specialize in distance healing and energy balancing.  Distance healing means that the animal (or person) receives the treatment in the comfort of his/her own home while I give the treatment from my healing room.

Gentle and highly effective for animals

It can be challenging for animals who are unwell or who are afraid of new situations and strangers to be transported to a new location and then be touched by an unfamiliar person.  Distance healing sessions are an incredibly gentle, effective and less stressful way of offering treatment to animals, especially if the animal is fearful, anxious, reactive, sensitive to physical touch, or has difficulty moving.

The most effective treatment method for many animals
Distance healing for animals

Distance healing sessions are given while the animal relaxes at home

My animal clients have received excellent results from distance healing treatments. I have found that, for most animals, distance healing is the most effective means of treatment.

I began offering almost all of my animal treatments as distance healing sessions after I had two serious physical injuries that prevented me from working effectively with animals in person.  The gift behind the trauma was that I was motivated to find a new way of working with animals that was just as effective, or more effective, than what I had been doing before my injuries.  

I decided to apply the knowledge and experience I already had with long-distance healing to develop a method of providing distance Craniosacral Therapy treatments to animals.  My method of treating animals at a distance is a culmination of over 25 years of healing training.

What I discovered during this process, was that distance Craniosacral Therapy treatments (as well as the other treatments I provide) are much more effective for animals than in-person treatments. As a result, now almost all of my Craniosacral Therapy and other treatments for animals are provided as distance healing sessions.

Why are distance healing sessions recommended for animals?

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