Dolphin Energy Healing

Dolphin Energy Healing is a unique form of energy balancing

Dolphin Energy Healing

A unique form of energy balancing

Dolphin Energy Healing is new and unique form of energy balancing performed by Dolphin Consciousness. The energy transmitted during a Dolphin Energy session is similar to the energy you would receive when swimming with wild dolphins.

Dolphin Energy sessions nurture the wholeness that already exists within every person and every animal. These sessions address issues on all levels (physical, emotional, mental, spiritual) and bring unique balance and insight to the person or animal receiving the treatment.  A Dolphin Energy session may be received in person or as distance healing.

What happens during a Dolphin Energy session?
In-person Dolphin Energy sessions
The Human-Dolphin Connection

For centuries, dolphins have assisted humans in need.  There are countless stories of dolphins saving humans from drowning or escorting them to safety.  There are also many stories of how autistic children and people who have experienced trauma and health difficulties have benefited from being in close physical proximity to dolphins.

Dolphins have a way of scanning the human body and seem drawn to areas of dysfunction. When you are in the water with dolphins, you can feel their sonar scanning your body.  This is also what they do with each other and is part of how they communicate with each other.  Dolphins also have a way of shifting energy and releasing blockages within the body. 

Many people have reported improved health, greater peace and joy, and a deep sense of belonging after being in the water with dolphins. When a group of people swims with dolphins, it is not unusual for each person in the group to feel that the dolphins liked them the best.  It is these special qualities of unconditional acceptance, love and joy that people feel when they are with dolphins.  And it is these qualities that are received during a Dolphin Energy session.

Dolphins in Captivity

Humanity owes a huge debt of gratitude to dolphins for their compassionate acceptance and care of humans, despite the fact that humans continue to hunt and capture them.  It is my belief that no living thing should live in captivity or be forced to live for the entertainment of others.  Anyone who has spent time observing or learning about wild dolphins knows that they live in very close-knit family units, have deep emotional connections with each other, and become extremely distressed when they are separated from their pod.  

It is heartbreaking to see dolphins in captivity, separated from their families and often living alone in small concrete tanks.  It is equally heartbreaking to know that dolphins are still rounded up each year, slaughtered for food or captured to sell to aquariums. Those who are captured first witness their families being killed.  We all must do what we can to end this barbaric practice and to ensure that dolphins, whales and other marine life swim freely and safely in their true home–the ocean.

Whale Healing Energy

I have a deep love of whales.  Because of this connection, the energy of Whale may also be transmitted during part of a Dolphin Energy session.  This does not happen during every session or with every person or animal, but when Whale energy comes through, it always brings deep peace.

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